Monday, September 3, 2007


long night.

rounded it out at a chop tops show in modesto at the fat cat. friend and fellow rollergirl, ms nihilist, pierces for a shop called the tattoo gallery, which had a room at the show dedicated to giving tats and piercings.

tats and piercings at a show!? you know that means the rollergirls were out to get metal shoved through their skin.

ms nihilist gives caroline a piercing through the nips:
rollergirl lovin':
our own sidney vicious was supposed to get a corset piercing... but since nihilist was too tired and she didn't want to mess anything up, sid settled for a nape piercing:
chop tops:
and ashley, nihilist's assistant/apprentice, had some awesome style. barker, this shot's for you:

that ends my evening. a lot of photos to catch up on. more soon.