Saturday, September 27, 2008


another friday night, another football game. i chose to photograph the edison/franklin game, and man it was close for a while. i have a soft place in my heart for edison since my first basketball season in stockton. i lucked into photographing many of the team's games that year, and was able to follow them to the championships in sacramento, where they had a heartbreakingly-close loss. since then, i've taken any chance to photograph edison athletics. those kids sure have heart.

so here are a few shots from tonight's game.

this kid got a gnarly wound, dripping blood down his hand right off the field. he was a trooper though, and managed to keep his cool fairly well until the paramedics got to him.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of a friend-of-several-friends out in marin county this weekend. one of the most beautiful/entertaining/fun shooting evenings i've experienced in a long time. here's a couple outtakes from the night.

congrats to the happy couple, you crazy kids. and thanks for allowing me to share in the good times.

Friday, September 12, 2008

friday night lights.

it's been a year since i've had the privilege of covering friday night football. i'm not a huge fan of the sport itself, but i love going to the high school games, just for the atmosphere. neither my high school nor my college had football teams, so i never got to experience going to a game with a bunch of friends after class to cheer on the team for no other reason than they're your home team.

tonight i got to cover St. Mary's catholic school, and i have to say, i really dig that school's spirit. at every game, for every sport, there's at least 50 kids in face-paint or costume, all school colors, cheering and jeering from beginning to end. and as a photographer it's great because everyone's so enthralled by the action, they have very little time to worry about me taking their photo.

so here's to tonight's blow-out... i'm just bummed that because of deadline i never get to stay until the end. one of these days, i hope to. just to see what happens.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


spent some time this weekend trying to get out. i almost always find myself in these social situations - bars, parties, wherever - sticking to the side with my camera in-hand, snapping photos to try and understand what exactly i'm watching. it's usually pretty entertaining, and it feeds my mild obsession with photographing that ever-vague notion of "youth culture."

what can i say? sometimes it's fun to be a fly-on-the-wall when everyone else is having fun.

Monday, September 1, 2008


as much as i hate to admit it, freelance is a much scarier beast than i first gave it credit for. i love the idea of dedicating all the time in the world to projects that i feel make a difference to my community, love setting my own schedule and rate, love that the only thing keeping me back is myself. but that is the problem, too: you are only as successful as you can motivate yourself to be. with no daily deadlines and no newsroom to keep you motivated, every day gets harder and harder to get out there.

after going to the A Photo A Day conference in st. petersburg, fl, this year, i got a better understanding of the freelance gig. most of your time is spent promoting, researching, editing, marketing, calling, emailing... and very little of your time is actually spent shooting. honestly, it's been quite a reality check coming to terms with that.

but every day gets a little better. calls are trickling in slowly. some projects are in the works. and i still get to photograph a few times a month for 209 Vibe. i miss the newsroom and the excitement (even if it was mostly just me) of the daily grind, but maybe there's something to this freelance thing, once you get used to it. at least now i know if i make it, it's because i worked for it; if i don't, i can't blame anyone but myself.

so here are some photos from the last month. looking forward to the exciting prospect of an unknown future.