Sunday, August 23, 2009


Last week, I had the chance to do some promo shots for Bay Area-based hip-hop group iLL-Literacy. The boys were packing up to move to NYC, and were trying to wrap up a music video shoot and a photo shoot two days before getting in their van for the drive cross-country. I met them last year on a shoot for Hyphen Magazine, and had the pleasure of hanging out with them again at SXSW, so when they hit me up for this, I was stoked to work with them again.

They had life-sized Lego heads custom-made for the next leg of their promotion, including shows, which made the shoot fun and a little creepy at times. If I ran into three guys in dress clothes wearing giant Lego heads in an alley, I would probably run the other way. It was a great shoot, and definitely fun to hang out for a while before they left for the East Coast.

Here's some photos from their music video shoot, which included a diorama of a "club" for toys and action figures:And some of my favorites from the shoot:Playing tag in a field:Keep an eye out for their video, it's sure to be amazing. I even got to shoot a time-lapse section of it, which was hilarious. And give these guys a listen, the music is tight.


Patrick Smith said...

Friggin awesome. And now I know what to be for Halloween!


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bryan said...

Can't wait to see the video. Looks like a rad concept. Good photos too.

JJ Casas ( said...

Awesome pictures! I got the opportunity to be a behind the scenes photog for Bay Area rapper Hopie Spitshard and Adriel was there too. I had the chance to meet him and this set is just really good work.

Here's a preview of the pics:

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